Routes Business Cartographers (RBC) is a consulting firm founded to provide businesses, not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, and charities with assistance in developing their business proposals. RBC engages with entities through facilitating workshops, mentoring, coaching, training, and back-office interim management.

To facilitate organisations, RBC makes use of a model developed within the company known as the 3-P Triangle©, which allows RBC’s Clients a meaningful manner of developing action plans relevant to their strategy.

RBC’s client base is composed mainly of small businesses, charities, and start-ups. In the past year, RBC developed a focused entry into the pharmacy sector.

RBC’s Principal Consultants are Ron, and Ingrid Cruickshank suitably backed up by a broad collection of associates. Ron provides the lead in Business Consulting division, while Ingrid focusses on the recently growing pharmacy division.

When consulting to Clients, the RBC tag line of ‘The Best Route from A to B isn’t necessarily a straight line’ is never far from advice given.

Meet The Team

Ron Cruickshank, B.Comm, MBA, Fellow of Institute of Consultants

a fellow Director and Principal Consultant at Routes Business Cartographers (RBC). Resulting from reading for his MBA Ron developed a relevant business model, the 3-P Triangle©, which is used in mentoring and coaching RBC Client Businesses.

Ron, a trained Accountant, has always focused on the ‘People’ ingredient of the business world, i.e. the personality of the individuals and business environments – knowing everyone has something to offer for the betterment of the environment in which they work.

Ron is a keen volunteer in the community, enjoys a regular round of golf and thrives on travelling to new places with his wife and best friend, Ingrid.

When consulting to Clients, Ron always reminds them that the ‘Best Route from A to B isn’t necessarily a Straight Line’

Ingrid Cruickshank MRPharmS & GPhC Registered

As a fellow director and principal consultant at RBC, Ingrid supports, coaches and mentors’ others to be the best they can be, whilst developing and enhancing their business.

A registered pharmacist with extensive experience in pharmacy. This experience has allowed Ingrid to develop great knowledge and skills which has effectively supported the development of many individuals and businesses alike. She successfully ran a large area as well as disposing of and acquiring several pharmacy businesses which added change and transformation knowledge to her arsenal. With an ever-changing profession these abilities have stood Ingrid in good stead.

Passionate about the profession with a can-do attitude and the ability to recognise opportunities has led to her being the go-to for advice and support for many.

Ingrid can engage with all people from all walks, staff, peers, and other stakeholder. Often the support person for all. Regularly organisers get together for friends.

A keen baker and gardener Ingrid also enjoys travel, reading and an occasional game of golf.